God’s not dead

The movie that is inspiring, it is based on facts, it stirs up Christians to stand in Faith.

Y’all should watch it. Atheists or Christians or whatever.

Thanking God for His reminder

There are times that we’ve gotten so busyI’m not perfect and one of the reasons why I know that is because I sometimes I loose sight on what’s truly important to me.

These past few days or weeks I’ve been focused on study and getting myself better on drawing portrait. I loose sight on God. It wasn’t until last night I was feeling so broken and felt something that scares me. I cried without even knowing the true reason why (please tell me I’m not the only one who ever felt that way). I was scared and thought I couldn’t do it anymore. God reminded me the true reason why I cried, I got scared on whatever I’m doing because I’m loosing my focus on God.

I’ve forgotten that the drawing I should really be focusing is drawing near to Him.

Tonight I was reading Not a Fan by Kyle Idleman. There were questions in the book that really made me realize what I’ve been doing wrong.

I should give my all to God, that I know but wasn’t really that committed on giving my all. A huge part of me is God, but He shouldn’t just have a part of me. He should have all of me.

I just realized it just now, I really feel sorry myself. God doesn’t want me to stop growing and learning but I should learn to truly focus on him other than the things I am pursuing. That I should pursue Him more than anything else in this world. Even my most beloved ART.

He should be my first, my only one. If I seek Him first everything else follows.
I am reminded of how God wants me to love Him and what I should be doing in order to do just that.

I know I’ve told Him I’m sorry, but to anyone who could read this, it’s my testimony. I’m sorry God. I truly am. :( but I thank you because you showed me where I truly screw up.

A reminder for all of us that we should never loose sight on God. God should be our first.

God bless and good night ❤

So I decided to take fine arts once I transfer to the Uni and pursue my dreams to be a professional artist 😊 I’m learning beforehand just to be ready on what to do during my years in the Uni studying ART 😊
Been practicing doing portrait for two days now, and it helps to have these grid lines, the very first time that I have done this, and the very first time I’m this determined learning to draw realistic portraits 😊 yhup they’re not perfect, that’s why it’s called practicing 😊 to eventually get better and be a little perfect 😊
I’m really in love with ARTS 😊😍😍

one of my favorite songs :)

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Truly this world is not my home :| :]

How can this be my home?
If I’m only a pilgrim that just passing through?

Sweetness hurts if you assume it’s love.
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#notafan #kyleidleman